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The effectiveness of a quality program, product or service is only as good as its training. Not just training to implement a new or existing product, service or program, but coaching and supporting to leverage the best possible outcomes.

Definition of Training according to businessdirectionary.com:

“Organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill.”

At Rouse Consulting, we don’t assume we know what is the best program for you. We listen to your goals and objectives, create an up-front analysis to determine the best solutions that align with your individual needs and budget constraints. We deliver the training on time, within budget and exceeding your expectations.

The team at Rouse Consulting has an extensive background in developing and delivering both Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) training material, as well as customized training material tailored to the needs of your organization. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to determine a best-value training solutions approach -- from classroom training, to E-Learning, to consulting services and blended solutions.

Rouse Consulting has a solid reputation as DoD’s primary support contractor for the transition from the GS Schedule to the DoD Civilian Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project (AcqDemo) alternative personnel and pay system and similar to the National Security Personnel System.   We have developed and delivered a complete learning solution for the implementation of the AcqDemo program in numerous DoD Organizations.  Rouse Consulting manages the transition, trains and prepares the workforce and provides sustainment support for the program.  Rouse Consulting developed and delivered customized platform and eLearning training to over 37,000 AcqDemo employees through over 500 individual instructor-led training events and through web-based sustainment training programs.

The following courses are currently available:


A key aspect of performance management is the plan that outlines the employee's proposed contributions towards the success of the mission of their organization. This 3-hour workshop will serve as a solid introduction to the contribution planning process and detail how to develop an AcqDemo contribution plan.

In this activity-driven workshop, employees will:

  • Review the AcqDemo Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS) process
  • Understand the uses of Factors, Discriminators and Descriptors in CCAS
  • Understand what support tools are available to aid in the contribution plan writing process
  • Learn how to write an effective contribution plan
  • Learn on to capture Contribution Planning in CAS2NET

Audience: Employees
Length: 3 hours

This 3-hour workshop focuses on strategies and techniques that help employees provide relevant, focused input on their contributions made during the AcqDemo appraisal period when writing their self-assessments. Process support tools are introduced, including a writing model to use. Steps needed to capture the assessment in CAS2Net are also demonstrated.

In this activity-driven workshop, employees will:

  • Review the AcqDemo Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS) process
  • Understand the uses of Factors, Discriminators and Descriptors in CCAS
  • Understand what support tools are available to aid in the self-assessment writing process
  • Learn how to write an effective self-assessment
  • Learn how to capture appraisal results in CAS2Net

Audience: Employees
Length: 3 hours

This 1-day workshop focuses is an intensive immersion into the supervisor’s roles and responsibilities during the AcqDemo CCAS (Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System) process. The course begins with a look into the elements of an organization’s compensation strategy, then discusses methods for effectively writing supervisor assessments of employee contributions, and also explains scoring techniques and payout calculations used in CCAS. Process support tools are introduced, including a supervisor assessment writing model to use. Practical activities are included to help supervisors gain experience working through each step of the CCAS process. Steps needed to capture CCAS-related data in CAS2Net are also demonstrated.

In this activity-driven workshop, supervisors will:

  • Summarize the major elements of the CCAS process
  • Understand the supervisor’s role in implementing an organization’s compensation strategy
  • Write a summary of employee contributions for the Supervisor Assessment
  • Apply scoring techniques to rate employee contributions
  • Describe how final scores and associated rewards are assigned
  • Communicate CCAS results to employees

Audience: Supervisors
Length: 1 day

"Understanding the AcqDemo Pay Pool Process for Employees" is a half-day workshop that provides participants with insight into the AcqDemo 11-Step CCAS process. Participants consider the benefits of writing an effective self-assessment and learn an easy-to-understand writing model. Participants then participate in a mock pay pool panel to see the effects of strong self-assessments on the pay pool process, and gain an understanding of how the panel assesses employee contributions.

Audience: Employees
Length: 1/2 day

The AcqDemo Pay Pool Member Training is designed for leadership and supporting staff who are members of Sub-Pay Pools or Pay Pools to prepare them for the annual compensation change process and to make the first set of component Pay Pools more effective and efficient. The training session begins with a short review of the Contribution-Based Compensation System (CCAS) focused on key roles, the rating process and derivation of categorical and numeric scores. The Pay Pool then begins and proceeds with facilitation including utilization of AcqDemo spreadsheet tools. Sub-Pay Pools will assign categorical and numeric scores. Pay Pools will review recommended scores and determine the pay adjustment and contribution award for each rated employee record.

Audience: Pay Pool Members and Supporting Staff
Length: Varies with size of Pay Pool population

Rouse Consulting delivers the Department of Defense (DoD) Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP) Instructor-Led training. The DoD-standard training content consists of an Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, Videos, Exercises, Handouts, and Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) and are the materials we use to deliver the DPMAP training to the client workforce.  The training can be customized to suit the needs of the activity.

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